Uncooked Pizza

We all know that most men are pretty good in the kitchen, some of them are actually not.

So, what if a non-professional man tried to cook some pizza, what do you think the consequences would be?

Two months ago, I was spending the night over at my cousins’, since their family was in Europe for vacation.  We decided to have some fun since we have the whole house to ourselves.

One night we were starving and both of my cousins were having a row about dinner ,

‘’ You don’t know how to cook ‘’ said Mosab, in a very challenging attitude ‘’ Watch me! ‘’ Mouad answered. Anyhow, it was really late, restaurants were closed, so we had to accept the fact that Mouad was our only option. He grabbed five loafs of frozen Syrian bread , he opened them up and spread lots of tomato sauce on them, then  he covered them with cheese , olives , pepper and tuna .

Finally, the pizza was out, sloppy, messy, and half cooked.  At the first bite the sauce tasted very bad, pits weren’t removed from the olives, although the bread came out hot, but the centre and some parts of the bread they were cold, and chunks of tuna came out  dried. They weren’t many choices to beat out hunger except forcing ourselves to eat some slices of that uncooked pizza.

One thing for sure my cousin Mouad was forbidden to do any cooking because he wasted so many ingredients.

What we didn’t think of at that time is googling pizza recipes.  If we had followed the steps we could have come out with a great pizza, which I’ve done later on my own.

So, what  do you think my pizza would  look like ??

Faik Hussein