Danger & Desperado

I’ve never really understood the concept of danger and desperado, therefore I was always getting into trouble and doing things that are completely senseless.  During the past eight years I’ve learned that it is a true miracle for me to be alive at this very moment so I can tell you one of my insane stories.  I also realize how childish I was, at least compared to me now.

Eight years ago, that’s when the story begun, we had moved to a neighbourhood that is considered to be rough and not easy to tolerate, so I got to meet new neighbours, some of them good, some of them were bad, but unfortunately, I got together with the bad ones which is typical.  They were close to my age, so we started to hang around and one day they were together, that was before I came to them.  Then when I went out, I found them whispering and thinking about something that really seemed reckless then they finally shared what they had in their twisted minds with me.  Surprisingly, I was not surprised, I still do not know why, though they proposed that we should head to the freeway in the middle of the day.  I can’t forget it, it was 12 PM, so it was at the beginning of the daily rush hour, anyway the idea was to lay on our backs I the middle of the road while the cars crossed by.  Yes, they are that crazy, and yes, they did it .  So after gazing at them for like 10 minutes, I decided why not try it.  After all, they were not more powerful or braver and surely not smarter.  So, at first I was kind of hesitant about whether I should do it or not, what were the odds for me not to die a painful death?  But eventually I managed to get over my hidden fear and I did it.  I lay on the road confidently as if I had done it dozens of times before, while cars and trucks crossed by super fast.  To be honest at that very moment I was out of my depth, but like they say, ‘What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger.’

Yahya Mohamed Salem

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