A Hitchhiking Adventure

When I was 17 years old I was a member of the Libyan Boy Scouts, and I was moving from a stage to a higher stage, so our leaders decided to give us a trip as training. This training would be the last one at that stage.

So they asked us to go on a hitchhiking trip from Benghazi to Shahat, that trip had to be without any money in our pockets. The only thing that was permitted, was a lift to the eastern gate of Benghazi, that was on the boy scout account. When we left the bus they said “See you in Shahat”. We were three groups of three persons for each group.

We tried to catch any car that could’ve taken us to any further point. The most amazing thing was the reaction of people, they were so cooperative; and they showed a lot of curiosity about the idea.

When we arrived at Al Beda it was getting dark and the weather was a little bit cold. We were stuck at that point, and suddenly no one wanted to pick us up.

There was a gas station close to us, and there was a big truck waiting to be refueled. We asked the driver to pick us up with him; but unfortunately the cabin was full with four persons, so we suggested to the driver to pick us up even in the back box. After a long negotiation he agreed, but when we climbed into the back box we found the surprise, it was full of flour bags.

So we just lay on the bags and started singing to forget the situation that we were involved in. When we arrived at our destination we were fully covered with the white powder of the flour, and each time we saw someone he just started laughing.

It was a great experience and I learnt from that adventure how I can depend on myself even if I’m alone. The other thing I was shocked about it is the amazing reaction of our people and how they accepted the idea of the hitchhiking.

Osama Buksheim