A New Online IELTS Course
Online General English Courses

• Is it difficult to make time to attend an English course?
Net Languages offers online general and IELTS preparation courses, with an online tutor. You choose the time and place to study.

• What do you get when you sign up?
The IELTS online course includes all test modules and a practice test.

• How long is the IELTS course and how much does it cost?
The IELTS course is 30-35 hours of study and runs for 3 months. It costs €100.

• Who can take the IELTS course?
Upper-Intermediate and Advanced students are qualified to take the IELTS course.

• What if I cannot do a general English course at the institute?
Online General English courses from Basic to Advanced levels offered. Each level can be taken in part A or B or the complete level, A or B requires 60-75 hours study time and lasts 6 months, the complete level requires 120-150 hours study time and lasts 1 year.

• How do I register and pay for the course?
Please see Ms Rima in the financial office to register for the course.